Hurricane Irma Cleanup 1 Week Later

Hurricane Irma Cleanup 1 Week Later

The cleanup continues from Hurricane Irma.  As I awoke this morning, the sky was crystal blue and the sun was shining!  It’s a beautiful weather day today.  This helps with the power restoration and cleanup.

The City of Cape Coral came through this storm with minimal damage!  There are still many without power.  There is a lot of torn screens, roof damage, trees down but thankfully we did not get the storm surge that was predicted!  Raso Realty was fortunate to have power, internet and phone service almost immediately!  We have been working diligently to take care of our out of state owners, have opened our doors to affiliates who needed phone and power to work.  Our office has and will continue to be community minded and will help any way we can.

Here are some numbers and places to call for assistance and help:

Tree removal and yard debris removal –  Tony’s Lawn & Landscaping – 239-770-1213 or 239-233-7054  

Disaster Assistance     –

LCEC – for your Electricity concerns

City of Cape Coral   –

Florida Power & Light

Roofers –    So many but here are a few

Affordable Roofing – 239-201-2315

Joseph Barton Roofing- 239-694-0808

Campbell Roofing – 239-437-9100

Screen Repair/Replacement –  Again so many but here are a few

RC Ryder –  239-410-1396

Cape Coral Screen & Vinyl – 239-574-5557

Daniel Screen Repair –  239-573-6366

No matter who you call for service, please understand that they have 100’s of calls and are prioritizing the jobs.  But know that you will get help.

Please also sign up for FEMA help.  The help comes in many ways but it’s important to sign up and get your registration ID number.

We are here at Raso Realty in Cape Coral are here to help you.  If you have questions or concerns, please give us a call.  We in Cape Coral truly were lucky that we didn’t take a direct hit.  Our community is awesome and comes together during these tough times.  We are not only Cape Coral Strong, we are SW Florida Strong and Florida Strong!


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