Poor Credit? Rent to Own!

Poor Credit? Rent to Own!

Are you struggling to pay the rising rents?  Maybe now is the time to find a way to purchase your home and stop paying rent.  We have just partnered with a new program that will allow you to find a home that you can purchase within 5 years but in as short as a few months.  No more moving!  The qualifications are pretty easy.  All you need is a 525 or better credit score, a household income of over $50,000/year, no felonies, and no evictions.  If you meet this qualification, you need to call me today to see if you can join this program and purchase your new home.  Let me know see if I can help you find a path to home ownership.

You can reach Pat Eberle at 612.384.6018 or pat@rasorealty.com

Pat Eberle
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